Neon Noble’s Art Commissions

Hi! Neon here!

I offer personalized art commissions across a variety of price ranges, from sketches to fully realized illustrations! (I am not, however, a web designer, if you couldn’t tell.) My specialties lie mainly in characters, and I love to challenge myself with complex details!

Below you will find a basic price list and a general idea of my offerings, but the full details can be found on my Commission Form:

Please use the above Commission Form when submitting commission requests. Thank you very much!

Prices are only guidelines, and I am willing to negotiate for commission requests that fall outside the basic bounds provided here. If ever you need clarification, please contact me via DMs on Twitter or Tumblr, or via the included email on the Commission Form.

NSFW commissions are accepted with an extra charge; I hold the right to deny your commission request for whatever reason. Please assume that if it is not something you have seen me draw on my adult art profiles, it is likely not to be accepted as a NSFW commission. Thank you for understanding.

Sticker: $20

A square, colored image of your character with basic detail with or without white outline. Generally in a small form factor. Flat price includes text and simple renditions of secondary characters, but detail level may lower.

Sketch: $30

+$22.50 per character after the first

A sketch of your character(s), cleaned up and presentable! Usually in one or two colors. Can come in a variety of form factors. Character poses generally waist-up depending on focus of image. Sometimes features monocolor fill to distinguish elements, on a per-sketch basis.

Simple Colored Sketch: $70

+$52.50 per character after the first

A further refined sketch, which is then given flat color! Usually includes some quick highlighting or shading, and always includes a very simple color gradient background! A very ideal way to put your characters on display.

Fully Colored Illustration: $120

+$90 per character after the first

Meticulous line art, highlights, and shading all come together to make your character(s) shine! Action poses, glamour shots, even simple snippets of everyday life– anything can look fantastic with the extra effort of a complete illustration!

Art Examples!